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2007-2008 Faculty Senate

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Meeting Schedule
Committees Minutes

Faculty Senate Bylaws

Senate Roster
Name Term
Office College and Department

Hueston, Harry (President)

2008 2421
ESS--Political Science, and Criminal Justice--Criminal Justice

Cuevas, Mo (Vice President)

ESS--Psychology,Sociology and Social Work--Social Work

Hansen, Robert (Secretary)

FAC-214 FAH--Music--Voice and Opera

Ambrose, Bill

2009 2533 CC-308C ASE--Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering--Mathematics

Babitzke, Joel (Sandy)

2008 3871 ASB-342 ASE--Life, Earth & Environmental Sciences--Biology

Chen, Gerald

2008 2449 ET-105 ASE--Engineering and Computer Science--Computer Science

Embrey, Jeanette

2009 2638 OM-309B NHS--Nursing

Jarvis, Mary

2008 2212 CL-149 LIB--Reference

Landram, Frank

2008 2446 CC-113G COB--Computer Information Systems and Statistics

Mallard, Jessica

2008 2806 FAC-234 FAH--Communication--Speech Communication

Matos, Liz

2008 2635 OM-311C NHS--Nursing

Meyers, Michael

2010 2378 VHAC-235 NHS--Sports and Exercise Sciences

Newman, Amy

2008 2467 CC-417F FAH--English, Philosophy and Modern Languages--Philosophy

Pendleton, Bonnie

2009 2554 ASB-204 ASE--Agricultural Sciences--Plant, Soil & Environmental Science

Price, Keith

2009 2418 OM-408A ESS--Criminal Justice/Sociology

Pulliam, Darlene

2009 2521 CC-213C COB--Accounting, Economics & Finance--Accounting

Riney, Mark

2009 2621 OM-440 ESS--Education--Educational Foundations

Rosa, Duane

2008 2520 CC-212C COB--Accounting, Economics and Finance--Economics

Smith, Monica

2010 2477 CC-413C FAH--English, Philosophy and Modern Languages--English

Stuntz, Jean

2010 2409 OM-405D FAH--History and Geography--History
Syed Tariq Anwar
2008 2491 CC-315G COB--Management, Marketing & General Business--Marketing

Viswanath, Nagalapura

2008 5107 CC-219 NHS--Communication Disorders

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Faculty Senate Bylaws

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