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Tutorial 23: Exponents and Scientific Notation, Part I


checkAnswer/Discussion to 1a





checkAnswer/Discussion to 1b




checkAnswer/Discussion to 1c


*Rewrite with a pos. exp. by taking recip. of base 




checkAnswer/Discussion to 1d


*When div. like bases you subtract your exponents




checkAnswer/Discussion to 2a



*Decimal is at the beginning of the number

*Move decimal to create a number between 1 and 10


How many decimal places did we end up moving?
We started at the beginning of the number .00000146 and moved it between the 1 and 4.  That looks like a move of 6 places.

What direction did I it move?
Looks like we moved it to the right.

So, our count is -6.






checkAnswer/Discussion to 3a

problem 3a=

*Move the decimal 10 to the right



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