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Policy and Procedures - Drones

West Texas A&M University has requirements for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) activity on campus property or by an employee in their work capacity.
Due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversight and increased commercial application of UAS, WTAMU must affirm control over and communicate requirements to faculty, staff, students, contractors, visitors and third party vendors when operating UAS and model aircraft on campus property or by an employee in their work capacity.
For WTAMU students, faculty, and staff wanting more information Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), i.e. drones, please see the Texas A&M University System regulation link below and the following UAS application for review and approval of all flights, including hobbyist or commercial:
For more information please contact:
Shawn Burns
University Police Chief
Phone: 806-651-2300
Email: sburns@wtamu.edu
Zack Workman
Assistant Vice President for Risk Management
Phone: 806-651-2961
Email: zworkman@wtamu.edu
Richard Smith
Director Academic & Research EHS
Phone: 806-651-2740
Email: rcsmith@wtamu.edu