Compact with Texans

Compact with Texans

What is the "Compact with Texans"?

In 1999 the State of Texas passed the Customer Service Standards Act (SB 1563). This act requires each state agency, including universities, to establish a set of customer service standards and to gather information regarding the quality of services delivered to its customers.

What follows is the Compact for West Texas A&M University in order to disclose the University's commitment to service and to report data concerning customer's views of strengths and weaknesses of the organization. 

What is the mission of West Texas A&M University?

West Texas A&M University, a member of The Texas A&M University System, is dedicated to providing a high quality baccalaureate and graduate education using traditional delivery and information technology systems where appropriate. West Texas A&M University is committed to serving as the principal academic, cultural, technical, service, and research center of multi-state region surrounding Canyon and Amarillo, through the collective and individual efforts of the faculty, staff, and students. West Texas A&M University's mission is to educate students to informed, responsible, creative and articulate decision makers who will exercise good citizenship, appreciate diversity and be professionally competitive.

West Texas A&M University's major areas of emphasis include but are not limited to teacher preparation, business, agriculture, fine arts, health care, and the sciences. All programs shall be built upon a solid foundation of required courses in communication, history and political science, and studies which develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as an understanding of cultural diversity and an appreciation for the fine arts and humanities.

Who are the primary customers of the University?

West Texas A&M University serves three overlapping groups of External Customers- students, students' parents/guardians, and citizens of the geographic area. The University recognizes the currently enrolled students as the primary customers. Therefore, the establishment of service standards and the acquisition of data related to the quality of services will focus on the students of West Texas A&M University.

What are the service standards and principals for customers of the University?

The following is a listing by general areas that can be contacted for assistance.

  • Treat students with respect and courtesy
  • Provide professional services to students
  • Investigate student complaints in a timely manner.
  • Provide students with accurate and useful information on the University's Website
What offices can a customer contact for assistance?
University Information West Texas A&M University
2403  Russell Long Blvd.
Canyon, Texas, 79016-0001
Admissions Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 60907
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001
1-800-WTAMU or 806-651-2020
Academic Programs Office of Dr. Wade Shaffer
Academic Affairs and Provost
P.O.Box 60727
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001
Generic address for any department of the University c/o (the respective Department)
West Texas A&M University
2501 4th Avenue
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001
Financial Aid Office Of Marian Giesecke
Student Financial Services
P.O.Box 60939
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001
Student Affairs Office of Mike Knox
Student Services
P.O. Box 60775
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001
Personnel Office of Mark Hiner (interim)
P.O.Box 60999
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001
Graduate School Office of Dr. Angela Spaulding
Graduate School
P.O.Box 60215
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001
806-651-2730; Fax 806-651-2733
Bookstore Office of Terry Nepper
101 25th Street
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001
University Business & Finance Office of Randy Rikel
Business & Finance
P.O. Box 60188
Canyon, Texas 79016-001
Alumni Information Office of Becky Stogner
Alumni Association
P.O. Box 60753
Canyon, Texas 79016-001
Website Information Office of Catherine McGovern (interim)
Web Communication Manager
WT Box 60788
Canyon, Texas 79016-0001


Who is the Customer Relations Representative for the University?

Office of the President
West Texas A&M University


If a customer has a complaint, what should they do?

  • The supervisor of the specific office involved would normally handle an initial complaint
  • If the student does not believe the complaint was satisfactorily handled, then the policies and procedures published in the Code of Student Life (hardcopies are issued to all students or consult the web version) should guide the student.
  • Also, a student should feel comfortable forwarding a complaint to the Customer Relations Representative given in the preceding section.

What are the current findings regarding customer service for the
University? (Link to the Customer Service Report)